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Babes as Barbells & 1 Additional class

This is a fun and dynamic program for adults with little ones who are looking to get active, be fit and be a positive example on the generations to come. Little ones can be either infants to toddler aged children with up to two kids per one adults. Here's a way to get your fitness in and not feel guilty about your little ones. In addition to the Tuesday and Thursday Babes as Barbells class adults get to adult a third class without their child.

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 1 month(s)
Attendance: 3 classes per week
Begin Date: Jan 18, 2019
End Date: Feb 18, 2019
Payment Terms
Price: $15.00 signup fee, plus $65.00 monthly

Due Now

Signup Fee  $15.00
First Installment  $65.00
Taxes  $7.61
Total Due Now  $87.61

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